Friday, 30 December 2011

Let's try again!

Well after reading some other blogs and getting sick of all the parenting crap that is put out there I have decided to get serious about actually posting more often! Although my question to mothers of multiple young children who blog regularly is HOW ON EARTH DO YOU FIND THE TIME???? While I write this I have my 3 youngest sitting on or around me, one has just spat all over my feet, another is playing with my thongs while intermittently whinging for some attention, and the other is just half sitting/leaning on me while the baby chews his toes!

I must admit that although we do not "celebrate" the new year, or even really notice it to be honest, I do like the promise and excitement that a new year holds. So much has happened this last year, and I cannot wait to see what this new year will reveal. I am hoping to get very close to my goal weight this year; pay off all our debt and save like crazy; not fall pregnant (for this year anyway ;-) ); and continue seeing the salon build even more! I have also enrolled to start an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and I would like to complete my Breastfeeding Counseling Certificate IV this year. So much to do and achieve this year!! Also a huge overhaul of routines in our household which have started already. The boys all have morning and afternoon chore charts now, and all morning chores must be done before breakfast. So far it is working really well! We have got stuck into doing some written/structured homeschooling activities in the mornings and then doing something fun and more play orientated in the afternoons. We were trialling totally unschooling/natural learning but have found that we need a little more structure and routine for everyone in the family to be happy, so we now have a bit of structure and of course natural learning is still a big part of our everyday life.

Another thing I have started recently is reading The Scriptures to the boys in bed every night, they enjoy it now and they go to sleep much more peacefully and easily. I also LOVE the fact that they are starting to talk about and recognize Yahuah in their everyday lives now! Last week, of their own accord, they all went out into the gardens at the holiday house to collect things that Yahuah had made :-) They are so gorgeous!

I got a chance to get stuck into some reading while we were away last weekend and I have been reading some books about health/food. Over the weekend I read 'Eat this and live' by Dr Don Colbert. A really interesting read and lots of great information, but a shame that he advocates kosher not being necessary. I am now about a third of the way through Kevin Trudeau's 'Natural Cures "they" don't want you to know about' and it is fantastic! Extremely overwhelming but I have decided that I am just reading it first and then we can start to change one thing at a time.
Luka turned 5 last week and has taken this new age very seriously! He has decided that there are so many things a 5 year old can do, and has a definite maturity about him now. He told us that now he is 5 years old he can swim without his bubble, of course I was a skeptic because it just doesn't work like that, but while we were away over the long weekend he proved himself to us by swimming the length of a 12 metre pool! I am the super crazy proud mum who tells everyone (especially people who don't want to know) all about his courageous effort :-)

Time is getting on and my children have just made a mess of their room while I sit here typing away so I must sign out now and prepare their dinner. Let's hope I'm back again soon :-)

Shabbat Shalom!!

Amy :-)