Monday, 2 January 2012

Mine are DEFINITELY worth keeping :-)

I couldn't wait to write about this one, I honestly have the world's greatest children!!!

Today was just like any normal day at home, I did mountains of washing, we did some schoolbooks, made some more recycled paper and even had a quick visit from Grandad.  After lunch it was rest time, which is sleep time for Brandon and Mikah and play quietly or read books for Josiah and Luka.  Aaliyah was awake and sat next to me while I got the mountains of washing folded and put away, and then she was ready for a sleep.  Brandon and Mikah still had not gone to sleep, but were chatting and playing in their room.  I fed Aaliyah to sleep and then came out of my room to find that Brandon and Mikah had made a mess of their room with pillows everywhere and some clothes (not all thankfully!) out of the draws.  When I sent them back to bed Mikah started yelling and screaming at me and refusing to go, which got him a smack on the bum.  He was quite upset about it, crying for Daddy and quite overtired, so I decided to lay down with him.  Within minutes we were all asleep (not my plan, but I can flow with it :-) ), and I can vaguely hear something going on while I nap but I was pretty out of it (after a few rough nights with Aaliyah) so I couldn't actually wake up and check out what was happening.  When I woke up I could hear Josiah giving Luka instructions and busily cleaning and tidying.  I heard the dust buster on as they attempted to vacuum half the house with it :-)  I was so proud of them!  So when they realised I had woken up I was given the tour (with my eyes closed of course!) of all their hard work, and you know what, they did a fantastic job!  Josiah asked if we can keep it clean and tidy so we can show Daddy when he gets home, I said "Of course, Daddy will love it!"  I rewarded the boys with a voucher for a date with mummy or daddy, both have now chosen daddy and have already decided what they are going to do :-)  They are thrilled!

So you see, my kids really are fantastic!  I'm just not sure which Key Learning Areas todays "schooling" falls under :-)

On another note, I am LOVING this beautiful summer weather!  We had the most wonderful day on a family picnic yesterday, swimming, cricket, a long hard walk for mum & me (plus Aaliyah in the sling and Bella on the lead), a playground, uncles & aunties, grandad & nanny, and even nanny & poppy!  Everyone was totally worn out by the end of the day, but very happy :-)

Here are some photos of paper making and the picnic:

Nanny with Mikah and Aaliyah, lounging around on the picnic

This is why we don't let Grandad babysit!! :-)

Brandon was probably the most keen paper maker

Josiah soaking up all the water out of the paper

Luka with his paper ready to go in the sun to dry

Well two posts in one week, must be on to something now :-)  I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

Amy :-)